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Lyrcis sheet now available

The lyrics sheet for “Whom The Fire Obeys” is now available for download. Just follow the link: Whom The Fire Obeys” lyrics sheet


It has happened! “Whom The Fire Obeys” is now officially released by Kristallblut Records! Place your order at order@kristallblutrecords.com. We have to thank all who made this album possible and especially YOU for support! It has just begun….

Lyric Video “Becoming Iblis”

Hey folks, after a decade of silence, now a brand new, official track of the upcoming album “Whom The Fire Obeys”. A lyric video for the song “Becoming Iblis”. Enjoy!



Now, that “Whom The Fire Obeys” is now due to be unleashed, we want to share with you some not quite small news for the future of Obsidian Gate:

We proudly welcome Alexander Schiborr to our ranks who will from now on be a part of Obsidian Gate!!!

Maybe some of you know him of his work with Interstellar Genocide, but there is way more to him. Being one of the most talented orchestral composers we came across so far, he did many projects outside the metal world, such as writing music for audiobooks, trailer-scores and the like.

As he is a multi-instrumentalist as well, he will enhance Obsidian Gate with his knowledge in every aspect, so that you can expect lots and more for the fourth full-length, we are soon starting to work on.

New Artwork

Now, presenting to you the artwork for “Whom The Fire Obeys”!

Whom The Fire Obeys

Exact release date will be revealed soon! You can find the tracklist in the “Music” section of this page.

And later this day, we will have some crushing news for you. Stay tuned!

A new website

A new website

Hi there,

just a little announcement: We’ve got a new website! It took me around 3 days to rebuild it from the scratch so I hope everything is working fine. If not, send us some suggestions.

But for now have fun clicking around!


Marco, OG

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