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The Nightspectral Voyage Colossal Christhunt

The Nightspectral Voyage

Skaldic Art (1999)

Colossal Christhunt

Skaldic Art (2001)

  1. As the void opens
  2. When death unchains the spectre
  3. The obsidian eternity and anguish
  4. From the infinite forge of time
  5. The bethorian shrine
  6. Invoke the dragon constellation
  1.  Urgewalten
  2. Behold the imperial rise
  3. Tide of the envenomed oceans
  4. Dux bellorum
  5. Of purest pandaemonium
  6. Colossal Christhunt

The Vehemence

Whom The Fire Obeys

The Vehemence

Self produced (2002)

Whom The Fire Obeys

Kristallblut Records (2013)

  1. The Vehemence
  2. Catafalque of those aflame
  3. A vortex drawn in blood
  1. March Of Sethian Legions (Intro)
  2. Jackal-Headed Devourer
  3. Khnemu Her-Shef
  4. Plagues Upon Them!
  5. Sekhmet, The Wrathful
  6. The Vengeance Of Toth
  7. Entomb Me Beneath The Glare Of Aton
  8. Becoming Iblis
  9. Feed Him To The Desert
  10. Discarnated In Fevers
  11. Whom The Fire Obeys

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